GLG490/598--Tectonic Geomorphology

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2008 class
ASU Surface Processes
Recommended Textbook: Tectonic Geomorphology, 2nd edition, by Burbank and Anderson; supplemented by handouts
Figures from Tectonic Geomorphology Textbook
Short Course: Techniques in Active Tectonic Study, Arrowsmith and Marliyani (2011)

Other relevant courses

Whipple Geomorphology course
Arrowsmith Computers in Geology course
Arrowsmith Advanced Structural Geology course

Other ASU links

ASU lidar research
Arrowsmith Research group

Relevant sites


ArcGIS links

Arrowsmith Computers in Geology course

Matlab resources

The Mathworks (producers of MATLAB)
Online Matlab documentation from the Mathworks--better than the command line help
Matlab Tutorial from Kelly Black at Clarkson University
Teaching with MATLAB
An Introduction to MATLAB for Geoscientists by David Heslop
Step-by-step in MATLAB for the basics by Hilley and Arrowsmith
Introduction to Matlab from Pollard and Fletcher

Links from GLG410--Computers in Earth and Space Exploration, Fall, 2011
GLG410 Introduction to MATLAB
Matlab scripting and simple data analysis
Simple programming in Matlab
Array subsetting with True-False matrices and FIND in Matlab
Graphical Interaction with Plots and Subsetting in Matlab
Simple looping and matrix construction in Matlab
Flow control in Matlab using IF
Simple Image Processing using Matlab

GLG490/598--Tectonic Geomorphology

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